April - April 2023

Nell is a Sydney/Gadigal-based artist and the first Australian artist to undertake a residency at McCahon House. Her artistic practice is multifaceted and interdisciplinary - traversing painting, sculpture, performance, installation, video, wearables, collaborations, community projects and public art. Underpinning all her work is an exploration of the thresholds of binary opposites such as the ancient and contemporary, individual and communal, feminine and masculine, sacred and profane etc. From an Antipodean vantage point, she uses the language of art history, popular music and spiritual traditions to amplify the tensions or marry the differences between these binary positions, so that new objects and rituals are born.

Nell studied at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, The University of California, Los Angeles and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Her work has been in included in over 300 exhibitions.

Nell is the first Australian artist to undertake a residency at McCahon House. While at McCahon House, Nell will be hosting a series of workshops as part of the NELL ANNE QUILT PROJECT. This shorter residency is in addition to the three reisdencies we offer Aotearoa New Zealand artists each year.

Thank you to The Chartwell Project for supporting Nell's residency and workshops. 

Image: NELL, nature is subtle and mysterious – Tree Woman / Woman Tree, 2022, bronze, patinas, stainless steel, hand-blown glass.
Fabrication - Studio Assistant: Warwick Edgington, Bronze: Crawfords Casting, Steel: Eveleigh Works, Glass: Annette Blair and Belinda Toll at Canberra Glassworks
Installation at National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
Photo: Mark Mohel