Judy Millar

December - February 2007

Scale is an integral part of Millar’s practice as a painter. She engages with the canvas on the floor, using her entire body to create a visceral relationship with the markings. Millar views paintings as a portal that can captivate a whole room - it is that kind of energy she is constantly searching for, a tension between the pictorial surface and the space it occupies. 

Millar’s paintings are clashes between organic and the synthetic. 'I’m always trying to bring the most contrary elements together in a work as possible. So, on one hand they’re very organic, on the other they’re highly artificial and synthetic. On the one hand they’re very free in their making, on the other hand they’re very constructed. I think painting at its best can bring these very paradoxical activities into one image. For me, painting can really hammer that dual existence', as quoted by Bob Chundy for Considering Art.

Artist Edition

Judy Millar
Untitled (Orange Drawing)
wax and acrylic on paper, edition of 12
970 x 750mm
Collection of McCahon House Trust

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