The project premise; participants decorated a piece of fabric with the name of a woman who had meaning in their life. These have been quilted together forming a patchwork of many women’s names in homage to women’s creativity and craft, work, and labour. One is decorated with the name ANNE, after Anne McCahon (nee Hamblett), and the other with the artist’s name – NELL, acknowledging where the particularities of Anne & Nell’s individual stories interchange with collective female history.

The project history; in April 2020, McCahon House intended to welcome Australian artist Nell for a one-month Residency at Parehuia, where she would host a series of open studios and workshops. Due to the pandemic, Nell’s plans for travel were delayed and in response, we took the project online so those interested could participate from anywhere in the world. In April 2023, McCahon House finally welcomed Nell to Parehuia. We held a series of free workshops in Auckland and Titirangi where everyone was welcome to participate - from first-time sewers to experienced needleworkers. Since the project's initiation, we have received over 430 submissions. 

The call for submissions of patches has now closed. We thank all participants for their involvement and will share updates on the completed quilts soon. 

Nell’s residency and the NELL ANNE QUILT is supported by The Chartwell Project.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to The NELL ANNE Quilt.