Kathy Barry

February - May 2012

Kathy Barry’s practice comprises an ongoing exploration into the visual representation of intangible energies, where drawing processes are employed to construct types of energy diagrams. Barry is interested in ideas surrounding notions of energy transference—a constant in the universe—an understanding that everything is made of energy and that energy is continuously transferring into different states. In particular, how the dynamics of energy contribute to holistic wellbeing and consciousness. Her drawings aim to work their effects on the viewer by entering into an energetic relationship with their bodily frequencies and imagination of what lies outside the narrowband of human perception.

Artist Edition

Kathy Barry, Black is all the Colours at Once, 2012, Hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm (100% cotton rag paper), 650mm x 650 mm, edition of 8

$750 (unframed)

NELL ANNE Quilt Online Workshop