Ben Cauchi

November - January 2012

For almost two decades Ben Cauchi has engaged in a photographic practice examining the nature of photography, the passage of time, and the psychological dimensions of viewing. His work is made using the wet-collodion photographic process, resulting in ambrotypes and tintypes; one-off positives on glass or metal with a strange and spectral beauty. It is a process that dates back to the dawn of photography; an invention of the Enlightenment and a time of science, industry and reason yet, also, a time when spiritualism and mesmerism swept the public. This dichotomy is at the centre of Cauchi's work; he stages scenarios in the studio and, using the photographic process itself, blurs the lines between what is and what is not, and so investigates the space between the empirical and the incorporeal.

Artist Edition

Ben Cauchi
ambrotype on cotton rag acid free paper, edition of 5 + 2AP
300 x 250mm

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